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More Than Just Hiking in Bryce Canyon

When you think of Bryce Canyon National Park you think of hiking among the brightest hoodoo's but did you know there’s way more adventure in Bryce? Whether you want to rappel down a canyon or walk between massive canyon walls, we have an adventure for you. The best way to beat the heat is exploring canyons!

Lady Rappelling into canyon
Canyoneering near Bryce Canyon National Park

Canyoneering in Bryce Canyon can be quite the adventure, our skilled guides can make any canyon accessible for beginners, we always make sure to provide the perfect experience for each group. Our half day canyoneering adventure in Bryce Canyon area could be the adventure you’re looking for. Our guides will pick you up in Tropic, UT and drive you with our 4x4 vehicles down dirt bumpy roads to the trailhead where the hike to the canyon begins. After a short hike you will get to the mouth of the canyon, where there will be multiple rappels and down climbing obstacles to get through the canyon. Our guides will have everyone on a back up belay guaranteeing safety at all times. Our half day canyoneering adventure in Bryce Canyon is between 3-4 hours and sure to be a great time! Our guides will make sure you leave with some photos of the trip. By the end of every canyoneering adventure our guests leave feeling accomplished and excite to explore the area in a different way.

Family Rappelling into canyon
Half Day Canyoneering Adventure Near Bryce Canyon

If ropes and heights aren’t your thing we have a different canyon adventure for you. Our half day or full day hike adventures on the Grandstaircase of Escalante National Monument just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park will take you to off the beaten path. There’s a magical feeling you get when you hike between canyon walls and we’re so excited to share that with you. Our canyon hike adventures may have you down climb or hike along a creek but there’s no better place to cool off from the heat and explore deeper in the canyons! Our full day hiking adventures are about 6 hours and our half day hiking adventures are about 4 hours. Whichever you decide to book it will be an adventure of a lifetime.

Hiking in a Slot Canyon Bryce Canyon National Park
Full Day Hike Adventure near Bryce National Park

While we prefer to take our guests on adventures off the beaten path we do also hike guide within Bryce Canyon National Park. Check out all of our trips at TheSundialGuide!

Remeber we guide in Zion National Park, Glenn Canyon National Monument, Escalante and much more.

See you in the canyons!


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