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3 Days in Zion National Park

WANT TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SHORT TRIP TO ZION NATIONAL PARK?! We can help you get the most out of your trip!

Zion National Park is famous for many reasons, the views are incredible the hikes, like no other, you easily could spend a lifetime exploring here. We've spent the last 6 years exploring in every way and we think this 3 day itinerary is perfect for a taste of the top things Zion National Park has to offer. We can't guarantee that you won't want to come back for more!


E-Bike through the world famous Zion Canyon! Where most of the year you have to wait in lines and hop on packed shuttles to reach the Zion Canyon, we think E-biking the canyon is the best way to avoid the wait and experience Zion. You can go at your own speed and stop at all the trailheads! There's no greater feeling than feeling the breeze through your helmet and biking among the grand Zion Canyon mountains. On hot summer days, we reccomend starting early morning or later in the evening when the canyon is in the shade. Easy hikes to add on to this day are, Emerald Pools or The Famous Narrows! We provide The Narrows guided tours that provide gear and a skilled guide.

E-Biking in Zion National Park
E Biking In Zion National Park


Book a Full Day Canyoneering Adventure through some magical southern Utah slot canyons. Southern Utah is known for its many many slot canyons, Zion is the mecca of Canyoneering. Don't know much about canyoneering? Canyoneering is decending into canyons doing what you must to get through the entire things. Usually canyoneering will have you hiking, down climbing, scrambling, rappeling and sometimes swimmings. Think of it as a natural obstacle course. Our Guides will have you on a back up belay at all times to ensure safety, they will provide the transportation, knowledge and the gear. Step outside of your comfort zone and explore like a local!

Man rappelling into canyon
Canyoneering Near Zion National Park


ANGELS LANDING!!! No trip to Zion National Park is complete without a summit to the world famous Angels Landing. Zion National Park has permitted this hike due to high traffic and popularity. While it may make it more complicated for travelers we think it has been the greatest and SAFEST idea. Can you imagine standing in a long line for hours with strangers and steep drop offs at either side of you?! YEAH! NOT FUN! The Sundial Guides gets Angels Landing Permits so you don't have to deal with the stress of applying months in advance or risking not getting a lottery permit the day before you plan to hike. Be sure to book in advance because our permits are limited and go fast.

Lady hiking Angels Landing
Hiking Angels Landing

These are out MOST FAVORITE ADVENTURES! Ebiking the Zion Canyon Drive & hiking The Narrows, canyoneering magical slot canyons, and summiting the world famous Angels Landing. On the more chill note, we reccomend checking out the local restaurants and shops in Springdale and La Verkin. We run a new and used gear shop in La Verkin, UT where you can find great deals on outdoor gear. We also have lots of local artist souveniers. We love supporting our community. Every used item you purchase give back to the local who consigned their gear with us! We hope you enjoy your Zion National Park Adventures!


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